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Kuo's Equilibrium Facial Serum, Moisturizes Oily or Acne Prone Skin

Kuo's Equilibrium Facial Serum, Moisturizes Oily or Acne Prone Skin

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Thanks to its unique ingredients, it moisturizes the skin, removes acne and regulates sebum secretion in the skin

Serum for oily skin and/or acne: specifically designed to care for oily skin and acne. Formulation helps to regulate, clean and purify excess oily skin and maintain the level of moisture of the skin without drying it out or leaving a shine on it

Pores breathe: let your skin breathe with KUO'S Equilibrium Hydro-Balancing Serum, which regulates the secretion of sebum and prevents clogging of pores

Bright complexion: Effectively removes dead skin from the surface of the skin that causes your complexion to appear dull and dry

Double results: Thanks to its unique formula rich in Allantoin, which promotes cellular proliferation in damaged skin that is affected by external factors, it works to care for and maintain the skin, making the skin smooth and silky

Antiseptic effect for the skin: Because KUO'S Equilibrium Hydro-Balancing Serum contains kaolin and talc
Talc: An amazing refreshing facial absorbing agent. It prevents the growth of microorganisms (the emergence and spread of acne) without damaging the skin
Kaolin (white clay): a very pure white clay with absorbent effects (toxins, dead cells, dirt, excess fat) and thus has a cleansing effect and facilitates the action and penetration of other ingredients

Made in Spain

Parabens free
Parabens are a family of related chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Preservatives may be used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, in order to protect both the products and consumers. Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen. Too much estrogen can trigger an increase in breast cell division and growth of tumors, which is why paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues

The technology we have developed has been available for 25 years only in specialized cosmetic clinics or SPAs, just like our products. We are a brand producing professional cosmetics, unavailable in popular retail chains

The preparations selected in long-term research process contain high concentrations of active substances, the effect of which has radical impact on the skin condition of the face. The art of compiling these ingredients requires from our Care Experts to get to know the alchemic secret of our brand: to create an individual formula for a specific face.

KUO’S PROFESSIONAL technology goes beyond a single product.
The secret is synergy, which creates an additional operation /1+1 = 3/ in a practically unlimited combination

Aloe Vera: Plant whose fatty acid content and manganese, provide emollient, refreshing, healing and moisturizing properties
Allantoin: Promotes cellular proliferation in the worn skin and affected by external factors. Serving to care for and maintain healthy skin, making the skin soft and smooth
Hamamelis Virginiana: This plant has the ability to rebalance the hydrolipidic producing a decongestant action
White nettle: Common plant in our country and has always enjoyed a popular tradition, has a tonic and invigorating effect. Has a regulatory action of the hydrolipidic layer
Talc: Magnificent absorbing agent and refreshing of the face. Prevents the growth of microorganisms (emergence and expansion of acne) without being aggressive with the skin
Kaolin (white clay): White clays very pure with absorbent effects (toxins, dead cells, dirt, excess sebum) and therefore with cleansing action, facilitating the action and penetration of other assets

After cleaning and toned the skin, apply Serum with a light massage until completely absorbed

Complete program for DAILY CARE for best results
1- Clean: KUO'S Equilibrium Cleansing Milk
2- Hydrate: KUO'S Equilibrium Hydro-Balancing Serum
3- KUO'S Sun Facial Cream SPF 50


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