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Inova Smooth Hydration Conditioner,Sulfate Free, Rich in Protein 200ML


Deeply nourishing and hydrating: With nano keratin technology, it fully hydrates your hair and scalp by deeply penetrating follicles to maximize moisture for a fuller and healthier looking shine

Recommended for chemically treated hair: Maintains the effect of any treatments on the hair (such as keratin, protein, dye, etc.) as well as after using a hair straightener.

Powerful, Natural ingredients: Infused with coconut oil, collagen, vitamin c, and other ingredients to help gently moisturize and nourish

Sulfate-Free: Leaves hair feeling smoother, shinier, and healthier without stripping away natural oils

Formulated for all types of hair: No matter what the hair type, our Silk Keratin Smooth Hydration conditioner will leave it feeling and looking better than ever

Professional salon results: Get beautiful, salon quality hair from the comfort of your own home

Made in USA and registered in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority under No. 2016-0120112-038424

Steps of the integrated home program to obtain the results of beauty centers:
1- Shampoo: using INOVA Sulfate-Free Shampoo for daily use
2- Conditioner: using INOVA Smooth Hydration Conditioner after shampooing
3- Mask: using INOVA Miracle Mask-Intense Repair once or twice a week


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All products are 100% original and registered in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

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