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Dolcevita Collagen Emulsion, Rejuvenates Dry, Toneless Body Skin


Fluid emulsion rich in Collagen, specific to nourish and regenerate the toneless, arid and dry body’s skin

It has a unique formula that promotes (rapid tightening) of the skin and restores smoothness to tissues

Great for massage, but also indicated for the final treatment. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and pleasantly scented

Natural, free of parabens, paraffin and petrolatum, able to provide extraordinary results, maintainig a matchless quality/price value

Laboratory-tested, reliable ingredients, premium quality, 100% guaranteed

Free from gluten, wheat, yeast, milk, lactose, artificial colors, flavors, and genetically modified materials

Made in Italy and registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority under the number 2016-011012101221-048080

Essential molecule for the connective tissue health. It gives an important hydration to the skin, improving firmness and elasticity

The Allantoin has moisturizing and dereddening properties, is also able to promote cell’s proliferation.

Apply sparingly with a gentle massage until completely absorbed


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All products are 100% original and registered in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

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