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Hyaluronic acid serum for the skin

One of the most important steps in facial care is for it to be bright and radiant with health and beauty. Only one step separates you from this result, which is the hyaluronic acid serum. The benefits of the hyaluronic acid serum for the skin are diverse and its effectiveness has earned it the love of all age groups of different generations and various social classes around the world. Collect!


Hyaluronic acid serum for the skin:


Learn about 10 benefits that hyaluronic acid serum can provide to different types of skin: oily, mixed, normal and even dry. 


1- Hydration: 

Hydration = hyaluronic acid. 


Think of hyaluronic acid like a very large glass of water for your skin, because it permeates all the layers of your skin and retains large amounts of water in them, which makes the water reach and stay in all the cells of the skin providing it with tremendous hydration that will make it full of vitality and glow.


You can find products that contain hyaluronic acid, and fortunately it does not need to be mixed with other chemicals or any substances of any kind, but it alone is enough to give the amazing result, and therefore it is one of the best examples of simple ingredients that give real results to the skin. 


Here we are talking about real nourishment with water for the skin, not just superficial hydration.


2- Moisture absorbent: 

Moisturizers or what is also known as (moisturizers) are one of the most used products in the world of skin care, think of a moisturizer like a (sponge) yes, a sponge that absorbs all the water down to the smallest drop and fills with water inside and keeps it moist for a long time. 


So after the hyaluronic acid serum for the skin moisturizes all the cells of your skin, it also stays on the surface to attract water atoms in the atmosphere and retain them, leading to extended moisture for a long time.


3- Improving the insulating layer of the skin: 

The skin works mainly as an insulating wall from the exit of body and skin moisture, as well as from external toxins from reaching the depths of the skin and the body as well. 


It leads to the weakening of this insulating layer, causing unwanted wrinkles and lines in the skin, in addition to the health damage from the penetration of toxins into the body. Hyaluronic acid serum for the skin helps to strengthen and fortify this barrier well, which gives the skin tremendous hydration and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and annoying lines. 


4- Increases skin elasticity: 

In the previous step, when hyaluronic acid strengthened the skin barrier layer and provided it with the necessary protection, the skin became able to defend itself against air damage from gases, toxins and other factors that cause premature aging of the skin and an increase in its age. 


Just protection from these factors gives the skin elasticity, elasticity and radiance for a longer time with fewer wrinkles.


And here you should remember the following: Many of the preservatives used in many skin products cause cracking and weakening of the skin barrier and its insulating layer, as it kills the beneficial bacteria that help your skin protect against toxic substances to the skin.


 The result is that your skin loses its moisture and can be exposed to harmful bacterial infections. 


Always look for products that are low in preservatives and do not contain many ingredients, but rather make your selection based on the simplicity of the product and the lack of interventions in it.


Many women and girls with oily skin feel that they have to put a strong ingredient that removes that annoying fatty layer and exfoliates it completely, but dear, always remember that oily skin does not have a strong skin barrier (the fat layer that forms the barrier is not strong), which facilitates the occurrence of infections easily for this type of skin skin.


Hyaluronic acid face serum protects the aforementioned lipid layer, which strengthens the skin barrier, increases hydration, and is recommended for those with oily and acne-prone skin.


5- Active toner: 

We all know that toner is an astringent for skin pores, none of us would like our facial skin to be droopy with wide pores and appear full of holes, so the hyaluronic acid serum works as an effective toner to tighten the facial skin and maintain its vibrant appearance, and helps define the face for a more youthful appearance, These benefits will help you now and as you age, it is both a treatment and a prevention. 


6- Nicer texture:

In the same way that the hyaluronic acid serum narrows the pores of the skin, it works at the same time to make the skin pleasant to the touch and smooth without bumps, as you will undoubtedly see and feel this effect when using it, you will notice smooth skin like silk.


The good news is that if your skin has suffered from pimples in the past and contains traces of acne, the hyaluronic acid serum, in conjunction with the derma roller, will help you make your skin look smoother and gentler.


7- Fewer lines and wrinkles: 

It's never too early to start nourishing and protecting your skin from wrinkles that may appear on it later due to lack of care. Hyaluronic acid serum benefits even the skin of your twenties and less in terms of protection against wrinkles and fine lines. 


Hyaluronic acid serum for the skin, it hides a large part of the annoying folds and folds of the skin that may form with the passage of age, and the skin remains moist and renewed, and when the skin is moist and protected, 


So the cells can renew themselves as the cells are no longer busy fighting dehydration, hence the bright and attractive appearance of the skin is produced by these new cells. 


Do not forget that the thin skin around the eyes is one of the first things that are exposed and the effect of wrinkles and fine lines appears on it, so taking care of this area should not be overlooked. 


8- Stimulates skin cell regeneration: 

The hyaluronic acid serum for the skin contributes to the process of skin renewal for itself, so who among us does not want a new, flawless skin like children, of course by retaining large amounts of water and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, as this naturally leads to healthier cells.


9- Protection from pigmentation: 

As we mentioned in the previous points, when you allow your skin cells to renew continuously, the hyaluronic acid face serum will reduce the effects of pigmentation and spots on your skin, but it will need a little help from vitamin C and its enhanced doses to eliminate these pigmentations. 

 Of course, there is no trace of the sun that can be remedied and hidden without protection from the sun in the future, so always make sure to apply sunscreen even on days when you do not plan to go out. 


10- Serenity: 


The purity and purity of oily skin especially depends on large amounts of hydration. Some women mistakenly believe that oily skin does not need hydration because of the many fats it contains, but this is not true. Instead of trying to remove that oily layer from your skin (which will cause the opposite result, by the way Where your skin will try to compensate for this lack of fat by secreting much larger quantities, this will lead to undesirable results, as the skin pores will be clogged, causing blisters that disturb the purity of the skin and steal its purity. 


Hyaluronic acid serum will bring back the glow of your face clear. 


Recommended products:


Hyaluronic acid comes in several forms, injections, pills, or topical serums. What we recommend for the skin, without pain and with a quick effect, is undoubtedly the serum: 


A concentrated hyaluronic acid serum from Dolcevita for amazing skin elasticity and hydration that will never let you down 


Dolcevita Hyaluronic Acid Concentrated Serum for amazing elasticity and hydration of the skin



Its effect increases when mixed with vitamin C, and then protects against pigmentation and harmful sun rays:


Concentrated vitamin C face cream and pure hyaluronic acid for freshness and hydration of the skin from QUEZ


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