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Affiliate Marketing | Roona Beauty

Earn commission on all sales by referring customers to Rona Beauty Achieve a win-win situation with your audience by joining our affiliate program! Roona Beauty is one of the largest online hair and skin care stores, we look forward to sharing our profits with you. Earn commission on all sales by referring clients to Rona Beauty

Marketing Advantages of Rona Beauty

1. All products are registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

2. Free and fast shipping to all regions of the Kingdom

3. Customer service via WhatsApp that answers all inquiries about products, shipping, etc.

4. Products are rated 5/5 . by customers

How to take profit

1. Open an account for free from here

2. Share your marketing link or discount code with your audience and friends. You will find the link inside your account that you opened in the first step. You will receive a message after opening the account containing your discount code.

3. If one of your followers clicks on the link and completes a purchase through it or through your discount code; The program automatically adds your commission into your account

4. You can withdraw profits to your bank account or use them for purchases from the website "Register your preferred payment method from within your account control panel that you opened in the first step"

When I started with Rona Beauty in the affiliate program, it was a turning point in my life and I was able to achieve unprecedented success with the help of the support team of the Jumia affiliate program
I joined the Rona Beauty Partner Program a few months ago and I didn't know anything about the partnership system but Rona Beauty's support team helped me get started so I was able to make a profit

Affiliate Marketing | Roona Beauty

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