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The best organic hair protein

Women looking for Hair protein Distinguished as hair is the crown of beauty for a woman and it is one of the strong reasons that make her feel her femininity and beauty, and therefore she is always keen to take care of it and show it in the best way, soft and flowing and free from tangles and split ends without much resorting to ironing or blow-drying, which weakens the follicle and makes it fall out with time, Hence, the hair protein appeared, which works to keep the hair smooth and flowing for a long time, in which women do not need to do a lot of demobilization or resort to any hairdressers that are harmful to the hair, and through our topic we will learn about Kira Kwik is a premium organic hair protein that is free of formaldehyde and is completely safe for young and old hair
بروتين شعر عضوي

   The best protein for hair

There are some signs that we make sure of the authenticity of the hair protein and that it is safe and will not harm the follicle, and this is it The best protein for hair And these signs are the following

First. The original protein is a protein that contains keratin and creatine

Secondly. The hair protein is silicone-free, formalin-free, and sulfate-free

Third. The original hair protein contains a percentage of pantothenic acid and a percentage of yogurt

Of course, it is necessary that the one who does the protein work for the hair is a specialized person who is fully aware of the work so as not to harm your hair follicles and straighten them in the correct and safe way.

Hair straightening protein

* The hair straightening protein works to show the hair in a healthy and shiny appearance, the hair appears completely smooth and is not exposed to any entanglement or annoying voids

* is extracted hair protein It is made from the special hair of some types of animals and mixed with a percentage of vegetable protein to get its final shape and then it is ready for use

* The people who use the hair protein most are the people who have curly or coarse hair, as the protein makes them enjoy the smoothness and smoothness of their hair to the fullest extent.

What are the reasons that lead to hair loss of protein?

There are some reasons why hair loses protein, which are as follows

First.. - Failure to follow a healthy, healthy diet with an adequate percentage of protein makes hair lose its health and lose protein gradually

SecondlyDirect exposure to pollution, dust, sunlight, harsh air, and frequent use of hairdressers such as blow-dryers and irons, which cause the follicle to perish and destroy hair over time.

ThirdExposure to pregnancy more than once consumes the mother's health and nutrition, and thus loses the health of her hair and protein decreases as a result of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

Organic KiraQuick Protein

It is considered Organic KiraQuick Protein The best hair protein is completely safe on the bulb, suitable for all ages and does not cause any damage to the hair

Kira Kwik is a protein that works as a green tea hair treatment Which works to smooth the hair with completely pure pure keratin, which straightens the hair within one hour and makes it completely free of wrinkles and roughness
One of the best features is that it is completely free of formaldehyde, parabens, or any chemical substance, so it will not damage or damage the hair.
Makes Kira Quick Hair is soft and smooth by more than 80% in just sixty minutes
Once the Kera Kwik protein is finished and sixty minutes have passed, you can wash your hair and treat it as you like.

Best protein for hair

Kira Quick Protein It is a protein composed of collagen proteins and keratin and is rich in green tea. It also contains some oils full of minerals and vitamins.

Protein also contains cocoa extract, which nourishes the hair follicle, strengthens it, and makes it more liveable and enduring. It also rebuilds and protects damaged hair, and makes hair rich and soft.

Continue Kira Quick Protein For seven months, you are in them, you do not need to resort to the blowdryer or the iron, your hair is soft and flowing, and it appears in a healthy and natural appearance, without any problem.

Kera Kwik hair treatment protein It is safe to use from three years of age

Kira Kwik hair treatment

Kera Kwik hair treatment penetrates the hair follicle with nano-keratin, which deeply moisturizes the follicle and removes any wrinkles or roughness from the hair, making it smooth and silky.

Kera Kwik hair processor does not need to take any precautions during its implementation. It is safe to use. You do not have to wear any gloves or masks or use a brush. It only needs you to wash your hair using a type of shampoo true safe

It must be shampoo which you will use Sulfate free shampoo So that it does not harm your hair and makes it shiny and healthy

How to use Kera Kwik hair treatment

First Hair is washed well two or three times using A safe, sulfate-free shampoo Until the hair is completely clean, there is no impurity in it

Secondly The blowdryer is used and the hair is dried by 70%

Third Kera Kwik hair treatment is used and applied to the hair after leaving 1 ml after the scalp. The hair is massaged well up to the ends.

We leave the protein on the hair for an hour but a quarter or 45 minutes, then it is rinsed with water at a rate not exceeding 30%.

 We then use the hair iron to straighten the bulb by passing it over the bulb or one strand ten times

The hair is rinsed well and becomes completely soft and has no roughness or wrinkles

Post-protein hair care set

upon your choice For a post-protein hair care set You must make sure that it has the following specifications

* Does not contain sulfates

* Protects hair from dryness and keeps it from damage and loss

* Does not cause hair breakage

* It has a lovely scent and helps hair appear shiny and healthy

* Helps to do hair easily, does not cause hair to perish, restores and nourishes it

* Moisturizes hair and maintains its protein content

Sulfate free shampoo

Brittle hair is usually dry and brittle because it only has a large percentage of its moisture and needs nourishment as a result of the loss of moisture and natural oils.

Coconut mask for brittle hair The hair is well massaged with coconut oil, covered and left overnight, then rinsed well in the morning. It is also possible to use olive oil or almond oil.

Yogurt and honey mask by mixing two tablespoons of yogurt with two tablespoons of honey and applying it to the hair for three hours, then washing the hair well

Important tips to maintain healthy and shiny hair

To maintain your hair for the longest period after making the protein and always enjoy it in a healthy look, follow

next steps

First Make sure that you feed properly, as internal care is reflected externally, and the first step to a healthy appearance is a complete diet rich in all vitamins and minerals.

Secondly Use Safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditionerIt moisturizes and nourishes hair

Third Stay away from dye completely

Fourthly Always use natural oils and products and stay away from products that contain chemicals because they will damage your hair over time

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