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 What is the best shampoo for protein treated hair? 🤔؟
👈 Will my damaged hair due to the blowdry get back to normal? AndHow can I fix my frizzy and unhealthy looking hair and get smooth and beautiful hair?؟ What is the best shampoo for protein treated hair?؟
⭐️ These questions were asked by a 19-year-old girl, who used to have smooth, healthy hair, but recently her hair began to break and limp a bit, turning from smooth hair to coarse and brittle. So I thought of treating her hair with protein, to try to salvage it and avoid damage to her hair
👈 In this article from Rona Beauty, we try to provide you with answers to these questions, but we review with you first the causes of hair damage.
What causes hair damage 🤔؟
👈Exposing hair to harsh conditions or over-styling it too much may lead to hair damage and hair loss. These conditions and causes include the following:
👈 Using hot styling tools like flat iron, hair dryers

1️⃣Chemical hair treatment such as perming, coloring and bleaching
2️⃣Excessive exposure to high temperatures and sunlight
3️⃣Cut hair frequently
4️⃣The chemicals in the pool
👈 There are also medical reasons that lead to hair damage and exposure to it

1️⃣Malnutrition caused by a deficiency of vitamin A and B12, folate, selenium, and iron
2️⃣Hormonal imbalance, which leads to hair thinning and weakness
3️⃣Hypothyroidism, which causes hair thinning
4️⃣Autoimmune disorders such as lupus and scleroderma, which lead to thinning hair
👈 signs that you need to Hair protein treatment
👈The build-up of styling products, and environmental damage such as heat and sun exposure lead to hair damage, which is mainly due to the loss of protein from the hair fiber; This leads to frizz, roughness, dryness, and split ends of the hair
So what are the signs that your hair needs a protein treatment?  🤔؟
1️⃣Loss of hair elasticity: If a strand of your hair does not return to its original state after gently stretching it with your fingertips and then releasing it; Your hair will lose elasticity
2️⃣Hair breakage above normal: It occurs when your hair strands lack protein
3️⃣The hair is tortuous and stringy to the touch: the loss of protein in the hair causes it to fall out flat
4️⃣High porosity hair: If a small strand of hair sinks when dropped into a glass of water, this means that your hair is highly porous, and therefore has gaps and tears, so a hair protein treatment helps fill in the gaps and protect hair from tangling.
5️⃣COLOR DAMAGE: Protein treatment helps maintain hair integrity and color vibrancy
 💚 Collagen protein for hair 
👉Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, as it is made by the body, and it can also be obtained from nutritional supplements and foods, and it has many benefits, including the promotion of healthy and strong hair, which occurs through the following
1️⃣Fighting hair follicle damage
2️⃣Prevents hair loss associated with aging
3️⃣Provides the necessary amino acids for building hair
4️⃣Helps slow down graying
5️⃣It is available in foods and dietary supplements and is easily absorbed
How do I prevent damage to my hair? And what better Protein shampoo for hair 🤔؟
⭐️Shampoo and conditioner is the most popular hair and scalp treatment recommended by dermatologists, shampoo not only cleanses the scalp but also works to prevent damage to the hair shaft, as it helps eliminate dirt, excess oil on the scalp, product build-up, and unwanted odors for hair
⭐️The conditioner helps replenish moisture in the mid-lengths and ends of the hair
How do I choose the best shampoo for protein treated hair 🤔?
⭐️Shop Runa Beauty It offers you professional hair and skin care products, as Madam provides you with the best and finest international products from the American company INOVA Professional
👈 One of the most important features of shampoo Anova It is a shampoo free of sulfates, silicones and parabens. Below we review with you the damages of sulfates, silicones and parabens.
1️⃣Sulfate free shampoo: Sulfates or sulphates are very effective in cleaning the dirt build-up on the hair and scalp, but they strip away too much moisture from the hair, leaving hair dry and unhealthy, and making the scalp dry and prone to irritation. Therefore, you should avoid sulfates and choose a sulfate-free shampoo that Anova provides to you
2️⃣Anova silicone-free shampoo: Although silicone reduces frizz and gives it a soft and silky texture, as it coats the hair shaft and locks in moisture, there is a downside, which is the build-up of silicone on the hair, which prevents the nutritional ingredients from penetrating deeply into the hair follicles, and thus the hair becomes weaker and more prone to breakage. Which gives the hair a dry and dull appearance, so INOVA provides you with a silicone-free shampoo
3️⃣Innova shampoo is paraben free: Paraben is used as a preservative that resists bacteria and fungi in hair care products, but it is easily absorbed through the pores of the scalp, which causes damage, and causes many hair problems such as dryness, scalp irritation, and even hair loss.
4️⃣Innova shampoo for colored hair: Color-treated hair needs a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo to extend the vibrancy of your hair color
أفضل شامبو للشعر المعالج بالبروتين 
1️⃣Sulfate free shampoo It provides hair with strength and vitality, and maintains the effect of any hair treatment such as protein and keratin, due to the fact that it contains collagen, vitamin C, and coconut oil.
2️⃣Innova Conditioner is salt free It moisturizes and revitalizes hair
3️⃣Magic mask Enriched with keratin and natural ingredients, for intensive hair repair, it gives you smooth, healthy hair
And finally
⭐️Your hair is your crown So protect it from damage and avoid exposure to harsh conditions and factors, and stay away from harmful products for it, and choose the best shampoo for protein-treated hair from Innova. It is wise, after knowing the damage of shampoo rich in salts, to choose a shampoo that is free of sulfates, silicones and parabens, for healthy, soft and beautiful hair.  

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