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Dolcevita Face Scrub Fruit Acid, Stimulates Collagen Production


Face scrub based on fruit’s acids, Jojoba oil, apricot kernels and allantoin
It promotes a gentle and deep cleansing of the skin by stimulating cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin. It gives the face skin a brighter and uniform aspect
Natural, free of parabens, paraffin and petrolatum, able to provide extraordinary results, maintaining a matchless quality/price value

Laboratory-tested, reliable ingredients, premium quality, 100% guaranteed

Free from gluten, wheat, yeast, milk, lactose, artificial colors, flavors, and genetically modified materials

Made in Italy and registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority under the number 2016-011012101221-048086

The alpha-hydroxy acids and other fruit’s acids are known for their exfoliating and antioxidants properties. They promote the epidermis renewal, stimulating at the same time the collagen’s production in the dermis, giving the skin a more uniform and radiant aspect. They dissolve the links between dead and alive cells, facilitating their removal, and penetrate deeply, promoting collagen fbers and elastin repair

Jojoba oil has emollient, moisturizing and protective properties for skin PH. It helps regulate sebaceous secretions and it’s also excellent as anti-wrinkles, disinfectant and natural antifungal
Allantoin, besides moisturizing and anti-reddening properties, plays an exfoliating action promoting cell proliferation
The circular fragmentation of apricot kernels helps to rebalance the sebum secretion, removing black points and excess sebum

Apply on face, neck and decolleté with gentle circular movements and remove with humid little sponges


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All products are 100% original and registered in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

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